BOLT PACK - Half-Board Surgical

Image of BOLT PACK - Half-Board Surgical

The Most Brutal Bolts to upgrade your Mountainboard.
All pieces are Surgical-grade Stainless Steel.

4 nuts + 4 bolts sized for binding attachment
4 nuts + 4 bolts + 4 washers sized for truck attachment
2 nuts sized for wheel attachment

This pack is designed to service one half of a board, if you need a full board's worth get two.

The nuts go on finger tight really far and then once you tighten them down they won't come loose. They're super strong and the allen heads have deeper holes for less strippage when wrenching on them.

These bolts and nuts are sized based off of the standard MBS bolts that come on all boards. They are designed to fit universally for all Mountainboards with the exception of decks with inlaid binding bolt threads as in some reverse-cap pro-models.

100% till death guarantee.

Team Riders: Alex Rossiter, Joseph Morrison, Mason Moore