Shred Fest NW 2016 Shirt + FREE Button

Image of Shred Fest NW 2016 Shirt + FREE Button

*Super Limited quantity

These are the Official Event Shirt leftovers from our First Annual event from the Shred Fest NW competition series which was independently chartered by Mountainboards NW Club. Now the fact that there are some dedicated riders up in the NW who keep it real in the dopest, scaries, most haunted, home of Bigfoot the Great Pacific North West is known and we are able to invite all riders from everywhere to come share the experience. You wouldn't like living here but if you want to visit to ride you will have your mind blown and your diapers flooded.
If you pick up one of these nostalgia pieces you will be in possession of a piece of Mountainboarding history and a dope black shirt with shouts out for the sponsors from last year who held it down so hard that we had a bunch of extra prizes for the winners. We ended up with a few of these hanging around, on top of the couple I wrapped up and stocked away for posterity. You can do the same just get 2 or 3 of them. While there were riders in the region all throughout the sport's history and even some events and demo's and pro's living there and stuff like that, this event marked the flagship event putting the scene under the light and helping the sport to shine where it truely belongs... Even if you weren't there you can get behind the fact that "Mountainboarding Lives in the North West" - A. Rossiter, President, Mountainboards NW, Tumwater, WA, USA.
Plus get a free button while supplies last.