SHRED SHIRT #71 "Granny-Kini" (Size M)

Image of SHRED SHIRT #71 "Granny-Kini" (Size M)

Name: "Granny-Kini"
Logo Color: Yellow
Size: Medium (M)

The "Granny-Kini" gets it's name from the way the material looks and feels like the type of material that your grandmother's bathing suit is made - at least in part - out of and it will make you feel just as confident as a senior citizen prancing around in their 'Kini when you ride in it. It's a stretchy, kind of spongy without being thick at all and soft without being snaggy. The "G-K" is legit for comfort and still stands up to the punishment of a Mountainboarder's gear.

The Shred Shirt offers a second layer of fabric around the hips and butt for skid protection and to keep your shirt from flapping up so you get the protection and comfort at high speeds, high altitudes and even when you get wadded up on the ground.

100% preshrunk cotton, slim-fit, v-neck, light, airy, breathable upper.

Every Shred Shirt is a one-of-a-kind serial numbered piece of mountainboarding art, by a mountainboarder for mountainboarders to wear while mountainboarding.

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