SHRED SHIRT #78 "Motel 6" (Size M)

Image of SHRED SHIRT #78 "Motel 6" (Size M)

Name: "Motel 6"
Logo Color: Yellow
Size: Medium (M)

The "Motel 6" is hacked striaght out of the curtain material you have felt at every cheap scummy Motel you've ever stayed at and now you can wear it around your scummy Mountainboarder's body. The material is literally curtain-stock fabric, stiff but soft, great protection and dark colored to start off with so stains are a non-issue. Have you ever done anything that maybe should have stained the curtains in your room at a Motel 6 somewhere sometime? Think back... I bet it didn't actually leave a stain. But, eww. Anyway, this stuff is so tough. The magical stuff of Motel 6 curtains microfiber that stands up to dirt, germs, heat, sun, goo, years of use, it's rip resistant, scratch, scuff, wrinkle and fade resistant and there is evidence of a ubiquitous trust in it across a much larger industry. Hard to argue with that. The fabric used is new and clean by the way, although that would have been in true Shred Life style to hack the material straight off the motel curtains, I didn't, I bought it. You'll have to goo it up yourself. Sorry.

The Shred Shirt offers a second layer of fabric around the hips and butt for skid protection and to keep your shirt from flapping up so you get the protection and comfort at high speeds, high altitudes and even when you get wadded up on the ground.

100% preshrunk cotton, slim-fit, v-neck, light, airy, breathable upper.

Every Shred Shirt is a one-of-a-kind serial numbered piece of mountainboarding art, by a mountainboarder for mountainboarders to wear while mountainboarding.

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