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"The Warmaster Gloves"
Brutal Mountainboarding Gloves from Black Metal Mfg.
Pigskin work type gloves hand dyed black on the outsides to show no mercy.
Hand Stained Black.
We have 2 fits: Slim and Wide
The slim fit style has added rivets to the outer seams of the gloves to snug the gloves' fit to your wicked hands.
The wide fit versions are not sinched with rivets and fit under standard sizing.
Grommets placed in both cuffs of both gloves. Whenever you're not wearing them you can clip them to yourself so they wont get lost or hang them up to dry.
Screen printed Reaper Prophecy logo on the backs of both hands for good luck.
Each pair comes with a Black Metal Mfg. sticker.
All work is hand done with extra brutality.

Small batch. Limited quantity.
Keep Mountainboarding Brutal

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(*For Local Pickup at Tumwater, WA Headquarters please place order and then send an email to mountainboardsupplyco@gmail.com to schedule you a time to come by and pick up your goods. Thanks)