MFG. Strap Adapter Set

Image of MFG. Strap Adapter Set

Are you tired of breaking ladder straps and having to order more and wait and pay too nuch? Now you don't have to do that anymore. With our strap adapter kit, if you break a strap you can use old snowboard straps you've got laying around instead.
The black plastic adapter piece will bolt to the L-Bracket and the ladder strap gets sandwitched in between. The adapter has a notch cut out to securely hold the strap and the bolt will hold it all together. The strap fits tight in the cutout slot, stays firm and does not move. The plastic adapter piece is squishy for comfort against your foot and securely through-bolts with the strap and L-Bracket.
These sets comprise an alternative to MBS equipment and are an equivalent as they fit MBS and MBS style bindings and Mountainboard deck setups.
You can replace ripped straps with ladder straps from a snowboard you find at goodwill or buy replacement straps from us for pretty cheap...forever. Consider the cost savings over the lifetime of your board if you can sub in cheap straps on the fly.
The number one and number two things that go bad on Mountainboards are popped innertubes and ripped ladder straps. Black Metal Mfg has innovated a solution.
We also want you to be able to customize your setup. You can pick whether you want matching "BLACK METAL MFG." Logos, or matching REAPER Logos, or one of each.
Lifetime Guarantee, if our product bunks out on you we will replace it for free.

Made in the USA, by Robbie Penrod, Designed by Alex Rossiter, Tumwater, WA

This kit comes with: