Rental Mountainboard - Handbrake

Image of Rental Mountainboard - Handbrake

A complete MBS Comp 95 with a hand brake ready to rip. Try before you buy. Take this board out and see what this sport has to offer. Having a hand brake helps some riders feel safer and also keep the board from getting away from you in a wreck. Its a good thing to try to see what you feel. I would caution that some riders use their brakes too much and limit their progression. But, if its your first time, or if you havent tried a brake or if you plan to be riding on the lip of a deadly cliff or something then maybe you shouldtake this for a spin.
Mountainboarding is a cross between snowboarding and skateboarding and mountain biking. Pick a mellow trail or grassy hill for tour first time.
All pads are advised for riders using board or any other for that matter. A liability waiver to release Mountainboards NW in case you get hurt will be presented for signature upon pick up of the board. The board is cleaned, tuned and inspected after every ride for maximum guaranteed quality and safety.
To rent for a 24 hour period order a quantity of 1. If you want 2 or 3 days just order the quantity of days you want.
A $300 deposit must be held by Mountainboards NW until the board is returned. You can pay the deposit on this site by selecting the "Board Rental DEPOSIT item. This must be transacted upon pick up of the board and will be returned upon drop off of the board. Mountainboards NW is located in Tumwater, WA.
For questions and appointments please email Mountainboardsnw@gmail.com
You can learn more by visiting their YouTube channel: "Mountainboards NW" and by visiting www.mountainboardmagazine.com