Royal Guard II Freestyle Scooter - Blue

Image of Royal Guard II Freestyle Scooter - Blue

If you're looking for a scooter with unmatched value for money this is it. The Royal Guard II freestyle scooter has everything you need to stuff your bag full of new tricks at the skatepark or out on the street. The freestyle side of scootering has advanced quickly in recent years and the development of the Guard II has been right there with it with a brand new box section deck profile (ideal for learning double whips), reinforced six-sided neck profile, and extra-strong bars, and new flex-brake.

Apart from obvious improvements like the new flex brake (no rattle), and new box-section deck profile, Royal has made advances in our TIG welding and heat-treatment processes to further improve the strength of our decks and bars. These improvements aren't ones you can see but you'll be reminded of them every time you stomp a big trick and ride away clean.

6061-T6 Post Heat Treated Aluminum Deck.

6061-T6 Post Heat Treated Aluminum Bars - W:520mm H:570mm - New heat treatment doubles strength of old Royal bars.

High Rebound 88A PU Cast wheels with spoked cores.

Fast and precise Chrome Steel ABEC 5 Bearings (Note: ABEC ratings above 5 don't improve speed).

Comfortable Ribbed Grips