Image of SHRED LIFE Lingerie

Color: White
Size: Men's 34 waists
Patch on Front: 2"H x 4"W

Have you ever blown out a pair of undershorts while you were out there riding? Do you often change in the parking lot of the park after riding before hitting the dinner spot or the club? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend or do you get a lot of fresh play off the hill? Wouldn't it be rad to have a fresh pair on deck that keep you stoked for round 2? We Mountainboarders are generally pretty filthy smelly dirty scumbags with dirt in our shoes and swamp-muddy grundles to take the cake (no pun intended) We can't always help it though. So, Shred Life offers the perfect solution to your muddy butt problems out there.
Lets face it, whether you're going to get laid or going to church having a fresh pair of panties on is always a good thing.
Not a lot of frills here. Standard tighty-whiteys with the "Less BITCHING More Boarding" patch hand-stitched by the Owner of Shred Life. Let them know that you're as core as they come when your pants are down. Shred Life's got your back, and your balls. Shouts out to the class lyfe and to stripping down naked real quick in public places.
Each pair is individually wrapped and ready to go.

(*For Local Pickup at Tumwater, WA Headquarters please place order and then send an email to mountainboardsupplyco@gmail.com to schedule you a time to come by and pick up your goods. Thanks)