SHRED SHIRT - "Angel Fernandez"

Image of SHRED SHIRT - "Angel Fernandez"

Available in bothSHRED SHIRT or SHRED TANK styles.

The "Angel Fernandez" is named after the friend of Tony Montana's in Scarface who gets his arm chopped off in the bathtub by the Columbians. It's reminiscent of the shirt he was wearing when he got his arm chopped off with a chainsaw while Tony was made to watch and gets Angel's blood splattered in his face when he gets his arm hacked off killing him. Angel died. But we think his shirt is sick and the fabric is a painted pattern on a pretty sturdy, without being stiff, woven material. It's got that snowy day in Miami yayo steelo.

The Shred Shirt offers a second layer of fabric around the hips and butt for skid protection and to keep your shirt from flapping up so you get the protection and comfort at high speeds, high altitudes and even when you get wadded up on the ground.

100% preshrunk cotton, slim-fit, v-neck, light, airy, breathable upper.

Every Shred Shirt is a one-of-a-kind serial numbered piece of mountainboarding art, by a mountainboarder for mountainboarders to wear while mountainboarding.

(*For Local Pickup at Tumwater, WA Headquarters please place order and then send an email to mountainboardsupplyco@gmail.com to schedule you a time to come by and pick up your goods. Thanks)