Shred Tank - "Three the Hard Way"

Image of Shred Tank - "Three the Hard Way"

The Shred Tank is all the best parts about the Shred Shirts but even breezier!
The fabric part keeps your shirt from flapping halfway up your back while you do your thing. If you go down and skid upon your seat, well, thats why there's a second layer for you.
The Shred Shirt offers a second layer of fabric around the hips and butt for skid protection and to keep your shirt from flapping up so you get the protection and comfort at high speeds, high altitudes and even when you get wadded up on the ground.
100% preshrunk cotton, slim-fit, v-neck, light, airy, breathable upper.
Every Shred Shirt is a one-of-a-kind serial numbered piece of mountainboarding art, by a mountainboarder for mountainboarders to wear while mountainboarding.

The "Three The Hard Way" has soft, stretchy clean looking terry cloth type material to bring with your game.
Hand made by a Mountainboarder in Tumwater, WA, USA

(*For Local Pickup at Tumwater, WA Headquarters please place order and then send an email to mountainboardsupplyco@gmail.com to schedule you a time to come by and pick up your goods. Thanks)