Snowboard Wax - Booger Red's

Image of Snowboard Wax - Booger Red's

Booger Red's "Slick As Snot" Snowboard Wax Noses.
These small wax bars are shaped like little noses and they smell pretty good to boot. Each nose is good for 1-2 Snowboards or pairs of skis or about 2-3 Snowskates. Note: if you wax more than one piece of equipment at a time you may be able to get more out of your supply especially if you toss the scrapings from the first one on to the second right away and iron it in. We advise getting more than one nose to keep you good all season. It's your call. But, don't get caught slippin.'
Booger Red's is produced in a small factory, in the beautiful Pacific North West, by 2 old-school Snowboarders who live in Lacey, WA. The factory is across town locally to Mountainboard Supply Co. HQ. too. So that's nice.

(*For Local Pickup at Tumwater, WA Headquarters please place order and then send an email to mountainboardsupplyco@gmail.com to schedule you a time to come by and pick up your goods. Thanks)