VENOM - Mountainboard Deck - Nicky Geerse "Platypus" Pro Model

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The Nicky Geerse Pro Model Deck"The Platypus" from Venom Mountainboards

The N.G. Pro Platypus are the top of the line Mountainboard decks.These ultra-high performance decks are for sale for the first time ever on American Soil, these decks are making history and Mountainboard Supply Co. is proud to be their Officially Licensed US Dealer.

Nicky Geerse won First Place in the 2019 World Freestyle Championship in Poland riding this deck. These decks are the top tier products worldwide. If you're in the market for the best Mountainboards in the world then you have found some. Veteran Mountainboard Pro, Dave Starfighter, says that they're the stiffest decks he's ever ridden and that no one has ever broken one on record yet. They are definitely the strongest boards on the market while providing great rider feedback and ground feel without bouncing or flexing out. They're stiffer than cocktails at the bowling alley.

The stance is super wide on the N.G. Pro which helps the rider to be more stable and able to maneuver the board more effortlessly. Board control is increased with the wider stance and the overall stability of the deck helps to reduce wobbles. The slight camber shape and widened footbeds make these decks feel super comfortable to ride. The carbon fiber stiffens the deck while making it extra responsive at the same time. The carbon wrap also provides wear and tear protection for the wood core of the board and ensures that this is the last Mountainboard deck you'll probably ever need because it won't break and won't wear out.

The Construction of Venom boards is unsurpassed in the Mountainboard world. When a rider is looking for the top limits in deck design and construction they need to ride one of these. While these boards can be ridden by anybody, they are suited toward riders who put them through huge-giant repeated stomps, top speeds on all types of terrain, basically for the best pros in the world of today and also of tomorrow. These boards would be recommended also for riders anywhere above 200lbs due to their ultra-enhanced strength in the construction and their added stability. The extra wide stance is well suited to tall riders and the wider foodbeds are good for riders with large feet so they won't hit their tire with their toes.

The Maple / Sycamore wood cores of the decks are fully wrapped in carbon fiberglass mesh and then painted and sealed again. They're the strongest boards in the world. Prove us wrong. With many top Pro's dotted around the world riding Venom, we think it's worth making the leap, if you're ready for it. These decks are a far cry from any other board I, Alex, have ever seen. When you knock on one it sounds almost like porcelain because of all of the fiberglass.

All Venom Mountainboards are designed, shaped and built by hand by the Mountainboarder who started and still runs the company. He works from Spain and only produces in very small batches which take at least 2 weeks. That makes these some of the rarest/hardest to get Mountainboard decks, especially in the USA.

The boards' construction is second to none and the styling is pretty outrageous too. Venom lays the stoke on pretty thick with their choice of bright blue contrasting with the dark blue lines on the top and all of the little designs hidden in the pattern. The edges and bottom are completely white except for the big "Venom" logo see-thru window in the center of the bottom. In the bottom design you can peek inside your board down to the carbon layer that fully cloaks that beautiful wood core further on down.

Our price includes free shipping in the contiguous USA, a free size large Venom tee shirt, a pack of Black Slabs griptape from Black Metal Mfg. and free sticker packs from Venom and Black Metal Mfg.

*Wood Core = Maple/Sycamore
*Full Carbon Fiber Wrap (top/bottom/edges)
*Fully Sealed Edges
*Length = 95.5 cm
*Foodbed Width = 23.5 cm
*Waist Width = 22.3 cm
*Tip/Tail Width = 22.3 cm
*Tip/Tail Length = 15 cm
*Stance Width (dist. btwn inside binder holes) = 40 cm
*Dist. btwn binder holes / truck holes = 3 cm
*Tip/Tail height/tallness from plain = 7.2 cm

Compatible with all MBS trucks and L-bracket binders and all Black Metal Mfg. bolts and griptape slabs.


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