*WINTERSTOKE * Vendor Pymt

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Pay for your Vendor space at the big event. $50 gets you a 6' table to sell your goods or promote your cause or whatever you want. We are trying to host a diverse event with different vendor types, lots of stuff to shop for and lots of fun.
Need more space? Get 2 tables. Just order how many tables you need below and you'll be good to go.
This is a special event hosted by The Olympia Skateboard Co. and will be extremely fun. We already have a list of vendors that will knock you down so please dont delay because we will run out of space. Feel free to download, print and distribute the flyers all you want.
We can expect several hundred shoppers as we pull from capitol blvd about 2 blocks from the farmers market. We'll also be right in the shopping hub of the downtown core where its already really festive for the holidays.
These are ideal shoppingcircumstances and only 1 week bofore Christmas.
We'll have rock and roll music playing, Snowboarding films on the overhead projector, a raffle to benefit the Tumwater Needs A Skatepark group, fresh cookies and coffee, decorations and no vax requirements.
Thanks for your interest and we are stoked to have you.
Snatch up your spot and go ahead and Email us to get more info olympiaskateboards@gmail.com